Executive Team

Guam Bowling Congress Executive Members for the term 2017-2020:

  • President:  Gordon T. C. Chu
  • Vice President:  Joe Mafnas, Ret. Col. GPD
  • Secretary-General:  Joey Miranda III
  • Board Member:  Woody Henley
  • Board Member:  Ray Manibusan
  • Athletes Commission Rep:  Jay Leon Guerrero
  • Athletes Commission Rep:  Amber San Nicolas
Guam Bowling Congress Athletes Commission members 2017-2020
  • Chairperson:  Jay Leon Guerrero (*)
  • Co-Chairperson:  Amber San Nicolas
  • Member:  Michael Gadia
  • Member:  Ray San Nicolas
  • Member:  Von Cabral
    • (*) Serves as the Chairperson of the Guam National Athletes Commission for the term of 2017-2020.

Guam Women and Sport Commission for the term 2017-2020: 

  • Representative:  Teliann San Nicolas

Guam National Olympic Committee for the term 2017-2020: 

  • Vice President and Executive Board Member:  Gordon T. C. Chu
  • Executive Board Member, Sport Development & Compliance Officer, Lead Doping Control Officer Joey Miranda III

Micronesian Games Council for the term 2019-2022: 

  • Secretary-General:  Joey Miranda III