Guam National Bowling Championship 2019

2019 Guam Bowling National Championships Poster

Rules and Regulations 

The Guam Bowling National Championships is established to promote the sport of tenpin bowling locally and to provide a competitive atmosphere for the members of the Guam Bowling Congress. Bowlers competing in this event must have a valid 2019 Guam Bowling Congress membership card. The membership card can be purchased prior to the start of the event.


The 2019 Guam Bowling National Championship preliminary qualifying events include Singles, Doubles and Trios. A bowler may compete in each event more than one time. All preliminary qualifying events are contested through the handicapping system. A bowler must bowl at least one squad per preliminary qualifying event (i.e. 1 each Singles, Doubles and Trios) to qualify for the respective master’s event. The bowler’s highest registered score per event will be used to qualify for the master’s event. If a bowler is qualified for more than one division in the master’s event, his/her highest score will be used to qualify for each respective division.


All bowlers will use their Guam Bowling Congress certified average as of December 31, 2019. Bowlers without a certified GBC average will be allowed to compete, however, they will bowl on a scratch basis.

Handicapping System

The handicap system for this event shall be based on the Guam Bowling Congress certified average as of December 31, 2019 using 80% of 210 base score.

Tie Breaking procedure

There will be no tie breaking procedure for the preliminary qualifying events (i.e. Singles, Doubles and Trios). Prizes for the positions registering a tie will be combined and shared equally. All ties for the master’s event in each respective division will be broken by a one ball roll off. If the bowlers involved all strike, another frame will be contested until the tie is broken. If both players do not strike and register identical pin count, they must throw the spare ball. This process will be used until the tie is broken.


There will be no substitutes allowed in any of the events. If a person is unable to continue their set for any reason, the score of the bowler at the time of the incident will stand.

If a bowler does not check in on time for the master’s event, substitutes will be called until all slots are filled. A bowler who makes the masters event and does not check in on time will only be recalled when a vacancy still exists in the respective master’s event.

Rules not covered shall be reverted to the World Bowling and USBC Rules.


2019 Guam Bowling National Championships Rules and Regulations