Taimanglo captures 1st Guam National Bowling Championship

Masters Top 3Sunday, August 6, 2017 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER

Top seed Noah Taimanglo and 3rd seed Cesar Villanueva provided a thrilling championship match of the 1st Guam National Bowling Championship. Taimanglo and Villanueva displayed their striking prowess as Taimanglo strung the first six strikes to take the lead on Villanueva who opened with sparing two pin tens.  Villanueva begun pouncing on the pocket on the third frame to narrow the gap but Taimanglo never let go of the pocket line.  A split on the eighth frame by Villanueva coupled by a double on the tenth by Taimanglo sealed the deal for the 14-year-old top seed who finished with a 268 game to Villanueva’s 241.

“I was relieved of the pressure.  I feel that my confidence has grown against the veterans.  I proved to myself that I’m capable of competing out there and win internationally without doubting myself.”  said Taimanglo.   Taimanglo is currently the top seed in the qualifying rounds for the National Youth Team who will be competing in the Asian Youth Championship in Manila, Philippines in October.

In the semi-final elimination round, Villanueva strung the opening four frames and never looked back as he advanced against Jae Sang Lee to the finals with a 208 to 180 and face the top seed.  Lee used an eleven bagger in the sixth game for a 299 game catapult himself into second place from his previous post of seventh.

The lead shuffled throughout the six-game qualifier to determine the top three bowlers who will compete in a step ladder elimination format.  In the end, Taimanglo topped the qualifying field with a 1448 total followed by Jae Sang Lee, Cesar Villanueva, Steven Esplana and JD Castro.

The bowlers bowled a series of events including Singles, Doubles and Trios to qualify for the Masters events.  The following is a breakdown of the events:

Josiah Lanuza captured the top post in the Singles event with a total of 758 pins.  Jay Leon Guerrero settled for second on 751 sticks followed by Jae Sang Lee (743), Mike Wong (742) and Evan Duenas (741) rounded off the top five.

TJ Hubert and Ricky Duenas claimed the doubles event with 1518 points followed by Mike Gadia and Jay Leon Guerrero and the duo of Nick Gutierrez and Lito Teodoro tied with youth bowlers James Doyle and Josiah Lanuza for third place.

The combination of Michael Park, Evan Duenas and TJ Hubert out bowled the trios field with a 1512 total followed by National Team members Mike Gadia, Jay Leon Guerrero and Greg Borja.  The southpaw team of RJ Santos, Victor San Nicolas and Frank Russo settled for third.

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