Jacosalem rings in first Youth title


2018 Triple J Guam Youth Bowler of the month of January:  L-R:  2nd Place Sebastian Loyola, Champion Bryce Jacosalem and 3rd Place Aron Hernandez.


Sunday, January 7, 2018 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam

The 2018 Triple J Guam Youth Bowler of the Month kicked off today at the Central Lanes Bowling Center.  Bryce Jacosalem strung a four bagger in the early frames against 3rd seed Sebastian Loyola and never looked back to bag the championship match 187-177.  Loyola took an early lead over the top seed, but an open on the sixth frame coupled with a split on the eighth ended his run for the title.  This is Jacosalem’s initial championship title.  “I just tried to bowl like it is one of the Saturday morning practices and it worked,” said a surprised Jacosalem.

In the semi-final round, Loyola doubled then strung a four bagger to erase a 31-pin deficit against 2nd seed Aron Hernandez eventually cruising onto the final match.  Loyola stayed on course in the pocket area and carried throughout the match as Hernandez registered several splits that was difficult to convert.  

Loyola staved off a comeback by 4th seed Noah Taimanglo as he doubled in the final stanza for a 166+25 to 180+2 set to advance to the semi-final round.  Loyola took an early lead off a Taimanglo open frame building the lead to twenty-four pins before Taimanglo found his momentum.  Unfortunately, time was not on his side as Loyola doubled on the tenth that forced Taimanglo to strike on the eleventh frame.  A smashing pocket shot saw his ball drive past the pin nine that ended the match.

Jacosalem used a 255-last game surge to take the lead from Hernandez and pole position with a 959 total inclusive of handicap.  Hernandez finished second followed by Loyola, Taimanglo, Jared Petrus, Alexandra Loyola, Justin Mendiola, Annastashia Leon Guerrero, Naiyah Taimanglo and Josiah Lanuza rounded off the top ten.

The next Triple J Guam Youth Bowler of the month will be held on Sunday, February 4, 2018, 11:00 a.m. at the Central Lanes Bowling Center.

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