Velasco Tops Tagle for February Senior Bowling Title

February 2019 winner

Sunday, March 3, 2019 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam

Another senior bowling tournament was taken by one who led it from start to finish enroute to become the first female this year to be crowned February Senior Bowler of the Month. Marie Velasco led the twelve person shootout field to upset veteran champion Manny Tagle in three games to hard fought victory.

After three weeks of qualifying using their Friday Night Senior League scores, the top twelve led by Velasco began with twelfth seed Josie Catbagan taking a forfeit victory over sixth seed Al Pangelinan. Tenth seed Rick Torres upset eighth seed Alex Kloulubak 206-160 with handicap. The other shootout bracket saw fifth seed Tagle taking a forfeit win over eleventh seed Joe Mafnas while ninth seed Zaldy Ponce took a close win over seventh seed Nestor Valencia174-169 with handicap.

Round two of the shootout had Catbagan powering over Torres 256-201 with handicap. Tagle did likewise disposing of Ponce 214-161. Catbagan continued her run by upseting her third seed husband Norison Catbagan 200-192 while Tagle won his game over fourth seed Gomes Martinez, 208-162.

The semifinal rounds are more difficult because the lower seeds must beat the higher seeds twice to advance. Velasco stopped Josie Catbagan’s attempt by winning 220-198 after losing game one 234-203. The lower seed Tagle beat second seed Remy Matanane 199-196 and a one ball roll-off after tying the second game at 190 even to advance to the finals against top seed Velasco.

It was in the finals that Velasco had to prove her bowling resiliency and resolve to win the tournament in the “first to two victories championship format”. After falling to Tagle 256-229, Velasco roared back with wins over the next two games 223-188 and 198-162 with handicap to take the win leading from start to finish.

It was a very satisfying victory for Velasco as Tagle is her team mate on the Friday night league. But it was all smiles for the two afterwards with Tagle hoping the outcome will be the opposite the next time.

The next monthly tournament will take place Sunday, March 31, at 11AM. Under the new tournament rules, the three game qualifier will be based on the participant’s Friday Night Senior League scores which count as an entry. The entry is based on a pin over average plus bonus points added to age and handicap to determine the points ranking. For more information, see the rules posted on the bowling counter or see Manny Tagle at the Friday Night Senior League.

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