Camacho claims youth bowler of the year title

Sunday, March 15, 2019 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam


Top seed Jeremiah Camacho and second seed Noah Taimanglo battled through jetlag, lack of sleep and missing bowling gear during the grand final match of the 2019 Pin Point Guam Youth Bowler of the Year held at the Central Lanes Bowling Center on Sunday, December 15, 2019. The pair along with Evan Duenas, Frank Manibusan Jr. and Naiyah Taimanglo returned early morning from the 20th Storm U22 International Junior All Stars in Malaysia without their bowling equipment due to a delayed flight.

Top seed Camacho opened the match with an 11-pin advantage before falling behind mid-match to Taimanglo after missing back to back frames.   Down ten pins after five frames, Camacho connected on a turkey to take the lead from the lower seed as 2nd Taimanglo settled for spares in the ensuring frames. On the final stanza, Taimanglo covered a 2-8 leave and struck to force Camacho to spare a 6-pin leave for the title. Camacho easily delivered the spare and went on to claim the championship 192-183.

20191215_132451The semi-final match featured Taimanglo against 3rd seed Josiah Lanuza. Taimanglo took advantage of a first frame miss by Lanuza and slowly built a lead throughout the match eventually defeating the lower seed to advance to the finals 216-197.

Lanuza grabbed an early lead during the quarterfinal match against 4th seed Evan Duenas as he doubled in the opening stanza. Duenas jumped on a missed spare by Lanuza to grab a eleven pin lead. The lead dissipated when Lanuza doubled on the 8th frame as Duenas had difficulties carrying. With the final frame remaining, Lanuza opened the door for Duenas as he chopped the 1-2-4 spare, but a 6-7 leave by Duenas ended his chances to advance to the semi-final as Lanuza claimed the match 177-167.


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