2020 Pin Point Guam Bowling Survivor Challenge

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Open to Budweiser Tuesday Night and Wednesday Night league bowlers with a 2019 book average or current league average with 24 games or more.


Based on 50% of the following formula: 80% of 220 Base average, less, higher league average.


Step 1:     Determine League Average for the month (use the higher league average between the two leagues with 24 games or more.

Tuesday Night League  (180 average) Wednesday Night League (168 average)

In this example, the bowler will use the 180 average.

Step 2:                    

Base average of 220 minus league average of 180 40

Step 3:                    

Multiply step 2 by 80% 32

Step 4:                    

Multiply step 3 by 50% 16

Survivor Series Handicap is the total on Step 4

Fee Structure

Fees must be paid on/or before the start of the third game of the league session to qualify the score.

$10.00 per qualifying league score for each league/day.

Prize Fund Breakdown:

Prize Fund $7.00
Miscellaneous and Lane Fee $3.00


Qualifying Score

The qualifying score will be based on the third game of each league set from the 4th to 8th frame using the World Bowling scoring system as follows:

Strike 30 points (regardless of ensuing rolls’ result
Spare 10 points plus first throw on the current frame
Missed Frame Total points for current frame


Current Bowling Scoring System

Scoring template 2

Survivor Series Scoring System

Scoring template 3


  • The top two (2) bowlers from each night of the four weeklong qualifiers will advance to the final round scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month at 10:00 p.m.
  • A total of 16 qualifiers will proceed to the month end finals.


Tournament Play

Rapid Fire Match Play Round

  • Survivor for each match play shall proceed to the shootout round
  • 1 ball per frame
  • Bowler(s) with the most pin(s) remaining shall be eliminated after each frame.
  • Pairing will be based on top seed from the qualifying scores against lowest seed throughout the rapid-fire match format.
  • All ties will be broken by a one-ball format and continue until the tie is broken.

Shootout Round

  • The top two scores* will proceed to the Final Round
  • One (1) game over five (5) frames shall be bowled including handicap. (Maximum scratch score is 150.)
  • World Bowling scoring system will be used during the shootout round.
  • Pairing will be based on highest seed versus lower seed from the qualifying scores.

Final Round

  • The top two bowlers including handicap from the shootout round will bowl a head to head match over one (1) game, based on the five (5) frame format from the shootout round, including handicap.
  • World Bowling scoring system will be used during the final round.
  • The bowler with the higher score at the completion of the five frames will be declared the winner.

Prize Fund

Champion: 70% of Prize Fund
Runner Up: 30% of Prize Fund


Check In

  • An event official will be in the PinPoint Guam Pro Shop and will be conducting collections and verifying scores within the vicinity.
  • Upon Check in scoresheets will be provided along with required information.


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