Youth bowling league program resumes

Saturday, May 29, 2022 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam

It’s been quite some time since a youth bowling league was hosted at the Central Lanes Bowling Center. Today marked the return of a youth program and league supported by Central Lanes Bowling Center, PinPoint Guam, and Storm Products, Inc. The league is hosted every Saturday at noon at the Central Lanes Bowling Center with the first segment of the session dedicated to bowling lessons and assessment followed by two games of league bowling. The league is open to bowlers 20 years of age and below.

The program lead coaches are Joey Miranda III, Jay Leon Guerrero, and Darrell Scott. Maria Wood, Ricky Duenas, Cameron Santos, and Justin Mendiola assist with the facilitation of the program. Each participant will receive a Storm Mix Bowling ball at the end of the 16-week season.

Anyone interested in learning to bowl may register on the day of the program at the Central Lanes Bowling Center. Additional information is available by contacting Joey Miranda III at 671-787-2462 or Jay Leon Guerrero at 671-777-4811.

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