Guam Senior Bowler of the Year 2018

Rules and Regulations

Click attached file to download the Rules and Regulations of the Guam Senior Bowler of the Month 2018:  2018 GSBA SBOTM Rules

General Tournament Description: This is a members only monthly bowling tournament with both a gender and age handicap. Men and women will bowl in one division with monetary prizes based on entries paid in. Tournament will be held at a set time once a month at Central Lanes. Reminders will be sent out via various media or announced at the alley prior to the event. See Senior Bowlers Bulletin Board, bowling counter, or the senior web page under the Guam Bowling Congress (GBC) for tournament schedule start times.

Eligibility: Open to all bowlers 50 years of age and above or will be 50 no later than December 31st of the current tournament year AND a FULLY PAID member of the GSBA and GBC. Proof of age (i.e. passport or driver’s license) shall be submitted for verification. GSBA reserves the right to refuse entrance to this tournament if there are questions regarding eligibility status and/or entering average of participant.

Waiver:  All participants shall sign a waiver of liability to the Guam Senior Bowlers Association and to Unity Development Corporation (UDC dba Central Lanes) upon their first participation each tournament calendar year. Participants hereby acknowledge that they are assuming all risks and hold the GSBA and UDC free from litigation for any injuries resulting from accidents or incidents during competition.

Dress Code: Bowlers are to wear attire consistent with United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Open Championship dress code policies.

Tournament Format:  Tournament shall begin with a 4 game qualifier. Top eight (8) bowlers advance to a shoot out as follows:

Byes:  Top four bowlers receive a bye during the shootout round. Top two bowlers receive a bye during both the shootout and quarterfinal rounds. Remaining four bowlers will commence with the shootout round.


  • Bracket 1- #8 seed vs #6 seed
  • Bracket 2 – #7 seed vs #5 seed

Quarterfinal Match:

  • # 3 Seed meets the lowest seed winner of the Shootout round;
  • # 4 Seed meets the highest seed winner of the Shootout round

Semifinal Match:

  • MATCH 1 – Lowest Seed Quarterfinal winner vs #1 Seed
  • MATCH 2 – Second Lowest Seed Quarterfinal winner vs #2 Seed




Handicap(s):  The handicap for this tournament shall be based on a 200 scratch average.  FORMULA FOR THE HANDICAP IS 80% OF THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR ESTABLISHED AVERAGE AND THE SCRATCH AVERAGE

Example: Bowler has a 180 average. 200 scratch – 180 average -= 20 x .8 = 16 handicap

Participants shall establish their entering tournament average based on their initial qualifier series to determine their succeeding tournament handicap. All handicaps will be re-calculated after May and November of the tournament year. All participants may lower their average to a maximum of ten pins per recalculation period and receive a handicap that is equal to that average. Example: A bowler averaging 165 can only lower his average to 155 and get the handicap for that 155 average even if his actual average is lower than 155 during the period

Age Handicap: Additional handicap based on AGE shall be as follows:

  •   50-54             0 Pin handicap
  •   55-59             3 Pin handicap
  •   60-64             5 Pin handicap
  •   65-69             7 Pin handicap
  •   70-74            10 Pin handicap
  •   75 & up       15 Pin handicap
  • Gender Handicap: Women shall be granted an additional five (5) pins handicap for gender.

Points Distribution: Bowlers will be awarded points based on their monthly placements as follows:

  • 1st Place finish:  30 points
  • 2nd Place finish: 25 points
  • 3rd Place finish: 20 points
  • 4th Place finish: 15 points
  • 5th Place finish: 10 points
  • 6th Place finish:   8 points
  • 7th Place finish:   7 points
  • 8th Place finish:   6 points
  • Tournament Participation: 2 points for placing from 9th place and below.


Example: Person wins in May with a 190 average, plays in June (180 average) and wins in July with a 160 average. Averages are added (190 + 180 + 160 = 530), divided by 3 months which will result in a reclassified average of 176.

Special Notice: Grand Finalists shall use their highest scoring average on any single monthly tournament when participating for the Senior Bowler of the Year Grand Finals.

Tie-Breaking Procedure: In the event of a tie during the shoot-out, quarterfinal, semi-final, or championship rounds, each bowler involved shall throw one provisional ball on the lane they did not finish on. Bowler who gets the higher count shall move on. If tied repeat the process on the alternating lane until one bowler gets the higher count. (Example: One bowler rolls a seven while the other rolls a six using their provisional ball. The one rolling the seven count will move on to the next round.)

Protests: Any protest or question regarding tournament infractions and/or procedures shall be brought to the attention of the tournament director for a ruling. The decision of the Tournament Director is final.

Entry Fee – To be set by the Guam Senior Bowlers Association

  • Reminder: GSBA Membership Fee must be paid prior to participation 

Payouts – Shall be based on minimum entries as set by the GSBA Competition Committee with approval by the GSBA Board.

GRAND FINALS TOURNAMENT: The top 24 bowlers for the GSBA Bowler of the Year Grand Finals shall be composed of the GRAND FINALS CHAMPION from the previous year and the tournament winners from January to November. The remaining slots shall go to the next competitor(s) who have achieved the highest points based on the GSBA monthly tournament points system.  There is a guaranteed prize for first place. Subsequent payout details shall be determined and announced prior to the Grand Finals Tournament.

GRAND FINALS WINNER: The Grand Finals Champion shall be automatically invited to defend his or her crown the following year.

Grand Finalists (monthly winners) including the previous year’s Grand Finals Champion, are required to bowl in at least six tournaments and be a current GSBA member in order to play in the Grand Finals event.  If this criteria is not met, the contestant shall be declared ineligible and the contestant with the next highest points based on participation in six tournaments shall fill that slot until all eligible players have been placed. In the event the 24 slots are not filled due to lack of eligible contestants, the approved prize payouts other than the first place prize will be adjusted accordingly.

GSBA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the monthly tournament if there are fewer than the minimum 10 entries.

GSBA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the Senior Bowler of the Year Grand Finals championship tournament if there are fewer than the minimum 20 finalists.

Any changes to the above rules and regulations must be submitted to the GSBA Board of Directors for approval prior to implementation.



Rick Torres
2nd Vice President/Tournament Director
Guam Senior Bowlers Federation
PH 687-4291