Taimanglo 2016 Guam Youth Bowler of the Year

Guam Youth Bowler of the Year 2016 (l-r): Runner Up Cesar Villanueva, Champion Noah Taimanglo and 3rd place Jarwin Espiritu

Sunday, December 4, 2016 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam

Noah Taimanglo claimed the title of the 2016 Guam Youth Bowler of the Year as he used flawless precision to dispatch 2nd seed Cesar Villanueva 247+9 to 203+18.  Top seed Taimanglo used a four bagger on the onset to create space between him and Villanueva then pounced on the deck dissecting the pins frame after frame as Villanueva was only able to watch from the sidelines.

3rd seed Jarwin Espiritu gave 2nd seed Cesar Villanueva a run for his money in the early going of the semi-final match up.  However, Villaneuva found his momentum and slayed the pins for a 233+18 to 189+41 victory that set up the year-end Grand Finals match.

The first step ladder match featured the battle between siblings.  Jacelyn Espiritu took an early lead over her brother Jarwin Espiritu with a double for a 21-pin advantage.  Jacelyn extended her lead to 32 pins before Jarwin mounted a comeback.  A double and a spare on the ensuing frames pulled him to within one pin with the final stanza remaining.  With the game on the line, Jacelyn spared a 4-7 leave to finish with a 160 game along with a 2-pin handicap advantage.  Jarwin struck on the tenth frame but needed another strike to secure the victory.  He calmly delivered the dagger strike along with nine pins in the fill frame to finish the come from behind victory 170+41 to 160+43.

Noah Taimanglo led all finalists in the six game roll off held earlier in the day finishing with a 1391 total.  Cesar Villanueva was five pins shy of the top spot as Jarwin Espiritu finished in third with 1288 pins.  Jacelyn Espiritu took the fourth and final slot for the step ladder finals with a 1229 total separating her by 2 pins from Jae Sang Lee.  Nikko Gutierrez fell 3 pins short with a 1226 followed by Darien Borja, Annastashia Leon Guerrero, Jaymason Doyle and Frank Manibusan Jr. rounded off the top ten.


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