Roberto is November Senior Bowling Champion

Second seed Pat Roberto took two straight games over top seed Rick Torres 226-201 and 234-233 with handicap to claim the Guam Senior Bowlers Association November Senior Bowler of the Month title. The lane pattern proved to be a little frustrating to the higher average seniors as consistency was the key to staying in front of the pack. After the six game qualifier, Torres and Roberto held the top two positions respectively earning a bye in the first round shootouts.

Fifth seed Manny Tagle got things going in the odd number bracket with a 249-194 with handicap over seventh seed Buddy Saludo. Eighth seed Manny Torre did likewise with a 192-174 win with handicap over Alex Kloulubak. Torre continued into the second round with a convincing 238-184 victory over third seed Jim Pinaula. Fourth seed Gene Bangayan pulled the upset by knocking off Tagle 206-192 with handicap to advance to the next round.

The semifinals was a lower seed must beat the higher seed twice to advance. Roberto and Torres laid notice that they were not to be beaten twice as Roberto took out Bangayan 212-197 to go into the finals against Torres. Torre suffered the same fate as Torres stopped his title quest with a 227-181 win to head into the finals against Roberto.11 - November Senior Bowlers

The finals was a battle of who would could claim two victories out of a possible three game series. It was also a battle of nerves both Roberto and Torres were previous runners-up in past events. In the first game Roberto would commit the fewest errors as she came up with critical spares to draw first blood and a 226-201 win. The second game looked like it would be an easy win as Roberto opened with three strikes to none for Torres. But Torres roared back in the final four frames to force Roberto strike and then convert a 3-6-10 spare in the tenth to win the final 233-234.

It was a very gratifying contest for the two finalists as both had worked hard in their practice sessions under Coach Manny Tagle who is helping Senior Team Guam for the upcoming 15th Asia Senior Bowlers Championship to be held this December in Okinawa, Japan.

For more information on upcoming events for senior bowling please contact any Guam Senior Bowler Association board member or tournament chairperson Rick Torres at 687-4291.

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