Torres Takes Second Senior Title

Sunday, August 25, 2019 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam

The top two seeds in the Guam Senior Bowlers Association senior tournament for August were both upset by their opponents for the first time this year. June champion Rick Torres defeated Rose Tosco in two straight games 204-197 and 209-180 with handicap to claim the August Senior Bowler of the Month title.

August winners 2019

The tournament oil pattern had varied results during the opening shootout rounds as twelfth seed Gomes Martinez took a narrow victory over sixth seed Alex Kloulubak 186-172. On the other side of the even number bracket, tenth seed Torres started his title run by getting past eighth seed Nick Gutierrez 221-170 with handicap. The odd bracket began with eleventh seed Jim Pinaula falling to Tosco 213-186. Seventh seed Josie Catbagan defeated ninth seed Liz Langas to advance to the next shootout round.

Torres advanced in the shootout by stopping Martinez 205-165 to head into the quarterfinals. Tosco followed suit with a win over Josie Catbagan 208-195 with handicap.

The quarterfinals started to heat up as Tosco continued her blistering scoring and an open frame by fourth seed Rick Ada to earn a spot in the semifinals. Torres continued his march up the stepladder with a 180-156 win over third seed Rene Cariaso.

When it seemed like Tosco would start to tire out a little, she reached down deep to put several strikes together and produced a 249-157 win over second seed Manny Torre in the semifinals lower seed must beat higher seed twice to advance format. She took Torre in the second game to go to the championship round. Torres on the other hand had a single pin victory 171-170 and a larger victory in the second game to take a trip to the finals against Tosco.

Trying to overcome an opponent with a high handicap is a very difficult task especially if you have been bowling several games up to this point. But that wasn’t going to deter Torres as he took advantage of a couple of miscues by Tosco to take the first win 204-197. The second game proved much more difficult, but again luck came through to give Torres his second senior title with a resounding 209-180 victory and bragging rights for the next month.

The next monthly tournament will take place Sunday, September 29, at 11AM. Under the new rules, the tournament qualifier will be based on the participant’s Friday Night Senior League scores which shall count as a tournament entry. The entry is based on a pin over average plus bonus points added to determine the top twelve finalists’ points ranking. A bowler can enter more qualifiers to make the top twelve shootout round. The top four tournament finalists compete for the top four monetary prizes that is based on the number of entries.

The top twelve bowlers will be announced and/or posted on the Friday prior to the tournament on Sunday. For complete information, see the tournament rules posted on the bowling counter or see Manny Tagle during the Friday Night Senior League.

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