Leon Guerrero bags 2019 Guam National Bowling Championship

Sunday, January 19, 2020 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam

20200119_172148In a sport where age is just a number and numbers mean everything, the 3rd Guam National Bowling Championship finale featured two decorated veteran bowlers. The championship match featured the recent World Bowling Cup Top 10 placer Jay Leon Guerrero against former Olympic trial qualifier Manny Tagle. The Open Masters Finals was contested on a grueling three-pattern format, where bowlers sifted through their arsenal trying to find the bowling ball that would provide the best reaction on the World Bowling patterns which included a 36’, 40’ and 44’ length.

Leon Guerrero raced to an early lead over top seed Tagle with a double to open the match. Tagle struggled through the front half of the match on the short and long surface as Leon Guerrero took a 21-pin lead. Leon Guerrero continued through a clean slated, then unleashed a turkey in the foundation frame and final stanza to seal the match with a 225-170 victory and claimed his first Guam National Bowling title.

In the semi-final match, 2nd seed Cesar Villanueva and 3rd seed Leon Guerrero battled throughout the match as identical scores were registered after six frames. Back to back misses by Villanueva gave Leon Guerrero a four-pin advantage going into the final stanza. With the match at hand, both bowlers struck on the tenth frame. On the eleventh shot, Leon Guerrero left a pin four which opened the door for Villanueva. With the match on the line, Villanueva delivered a pocket shot on the medium length pattern, then stood in disappointment as the pin ten stared at him and deterred his advancement. The single pin leave gave Leon Guerrero the game and advanced to the championship match.

Tagle used a strong backend finish in the qualifying round to grab pole position after the completion of the six games qualifier on the triple lane pattern. Tagle turned games of 197, 247 and 210 to grab the lead from Cesar Villanueva who led from the third to fifth games. Leon Guerrero finished four pins behind Villanueva after a 224 finale. Aaron Elliott slipped from second to fourth on the last game, followed by Jeremiah Camacho, Josiah Lanuza, Justin Mendiola, Zayne Zamora, Charlie Catbagan and defending champion Nikko Gutierrez rounded off the top ten.

20200119_172038Jimmy Pinaula took the Seniors title, blasting the field with a 207 average. Tagle finished 41 pins adrift while Nick Gutierrez placed third.

Josiah Lanuza claimed the classified title followed by Michael Wong and Claricelle Aniceto.20200119_172058

The bowlers competed in preliminary events to qualify for the master’s Finals which included the Singles Event, Doubles Event and Trios Event. Zayne Zamora clinched the singles event top honors with a combined score of 764 after bowling the highest game of the event. Ray San Nicolas finished in second followed by Claricelle Aniceto, Jimmy Pinaula and Manny Tagle. Zamora joined Michael Wong for the top post in the doubles event edging Justin Mendiola and Jeremiah Camacho by 11 pins as Jimmy Pinaula and Manny Tagle settled for third place, nine pins adrift. In the trios’ event, the team of Ray San Nicolas, Jay Leon Guerrero and Jeremiah Camacho reigned supreme as Pinaula, Aniceto and Tagle checked in at second place and Lanuza, Zamora and Villanueva grabbed the third spot.

Results: 2019 Guam National Bowling Championships Final Results

Team Event Awardees
Doubles Event Awardees
Singles Event Winners


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