All hail the Queen Wood; Roberto earns first title


Queen of the Lanes Maria Wood.

The lone female entry during the King of the Lanes tilt, 2nd seed Maria Wood, jumped all over 5th seed Elliott’s early struggles to lead by nine pins through four frames.  The lead swelled to 33 pins after Elliott’s fourth split with half the game to go.  Wood continued to seize on the opportunity as she pounded the pocket with a five bagger to match every strike Elliott threw from the eighth frame to seal the match and win her first title 233-201.   

Elliott ousted top seed Manny Tagle 226-159 while Wood beat out 3rd seed Charlie Catbagan 214-190 in the semi-final round.

Prince of the Lanes Corey Roberto.

Wood finished the four-game qualifier 37 sticks behind Tagle.  The Guam bowling master, Tagle, showed the field that age is only a number, finishing with a set of 973 pins, (243 average) bowling games of 237, 257, 202 and 277.  Charlie Catbagan, Jeremiah Camacho, Aaron Elliott, Darian Borja, Evan Duenas, Mike Sanchez, and Ray Cruz rounded off the top ten who advanced to the elimination rounds.

In the Prince monthly finale, 2nd seed Corey Roberto finished with the hot hand as he defeated 5th seed Jaeceline Espiritu 209-163 to fend off a first-ever all women title sweep.  Roberto outdueled 4th seed Aron Hernandez 222-167 while Espiritu crushed top seed Cam Santos’ hopes with a 257-159 route during the semi-final round.

Santos led the Prince field with a 911 total including handicap followed by Roberto, Corey Granillo, Aron Hernandez, Espiritu, Lisa Duenas, Ben Taimanglo, Rolly Hernandez, Claricelle Lanuza and Gomez Martinez rounded off the top ten who advanced to the elimination rounds.

The next King and Prince of the Lanes will be held on Sunday, May 23, 2021, 1:30 p.m. at the Central Lanes Bowling Center.

Maria Wood wraps up the title with a pin seven leave.
Corey Roberto’s winning strike.

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