Reyes Takes April Guam Senior Bowling Title

Sunday, April 30, 2023 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam

PinPoint Guam 2023 Senior Bowling Challenge April Top 4 (L-R): 3rd place Art Dulla, Champion Arlene Reyes, 2nd place Liz Langas, and 4th place Rick Ada.

Arlene Reyes took advantage of miscues from top seed Liz Langas enroute to a 199-157 victory with handicap to become the April Guam Senior Bowling Champion.

April Champion Arlene Reyes receives her prize from PinPoint Guam Jimmy Pinaula.

This month’s tournament started off with March champion Manny Tagle taking guaranteed percentage pot in the “Last Man Standing” competition. The remaining balance will be added on to qualifier fees next month for the next competition.

The tournament opened afterwards with the fifth through sixteenth seeds battling out in two brackets to proceed to the quarterfinals. The top seeds from the first 6-person bracket to advance were Rick Ada and Sheila Bangs. Reyes and Joe Cepeda got out from the second bracket to advance. The quarterfinals were tight as Rick Ada bowled a 243 over Joe Murphy (236) and Sheila Bangs (161) with handicap. Reyes beat Jim Pinaula in the other quarterfinal but had to get past Joe Cepeda in a roll-off to make the next round.

The semi-final match was a race to two wins format. Top seed Langas beat Ada in two straight games while Reyes was forced into another one-ball roll-off with the set tied at one game apiece where she out pinned second seed Art Dulla to meet Langas for the final and eventual victory.

2nd Place Liz Langas receives her prize from PinPoint Guam Jimmy Pinaula.
3rd Place Art Dulla receives his prize from PinPoint Guam Jimmy Pinaula.
4th Place Rick Ada receives his prize from PinPoint Guam Jimmy Pinaula.
Last Man Standing winner Manny Tagle with PinPoint Guam Jimmy Pinaula.

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