Leones tops All-Island competition; Cougars crowned IIAAG Girls Bowling Champions

Monday, May 1, 2023 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam

Top finisher Kamilah Leones (left) with teammate and Juliana Lagman (right) of the JFK Islanders.

It was a surprising finish that she herself didn’t expect, but nonetheless, strove for.  The 5th seed Lady Islander Kamilah Leones took top honors during the IIAAG High School Bowling Girls All Island competition held at the Central Lanes Bowling Center in Tamuning.  Leones was able to keep her sight on the top post, trailing top seed Eriana Ada of AOLG after two games by a mere three sticks.  She took advantage of the opportunity as she set a season-high and personal best, posting a high game score of 182.  The game catapulted her to the top of the standings where she will wait until Monday, May 9, 2023, for the televised finals match.  Leones will bowl against the winner of the semi-final match between Ada and teammate 4th seed Juliana Lagman who finished in third place, nine pins off the Cougar’s heels. 

The competition opened with the top seed Ada occupying the top spot of the leader board followed by Leones, Paulina Yoon of HCA Eagles, Shalai Henrich of GAA Angels, and Alexis Leon Guerrero in fifth ahead by one pin from SPCS Warrior’s Alexa Anderson and JFK Islander’s Lagman.  Ada continued to hold post position after two games, however, Leones and Lagman were able to cut into her lead with Leones only three pins off the top post.  The Star’s Jasmine Lee jumped ten spots to fourth posting the highest score of the second game as Yoon dropped to fifth.  With the all-island title at stake, Leones found her groove, consistently sparing along with grinding a double in the sixth and seventh frame to cover the margin and eventually seal the number one position away from Ada.  Ada was able to hold on to the second spot, as Lagman posted her highest game of the day, by sparing in the tenth frame to edge the latter by less than one mark.

IIAAG High School Bowling Girls All Island Top 10

The remaining top ten finishers include Yoon, Leon Guerrero, GACS Stars Anaia Quenga and Heinrich who tied for sixth, Angel’s Jasmine Lee in eighth, Cougar’s Grenzyll Dela Cruz and Angel’s Charlotte Oh slipped into tenth place by a single pin over SPCS Warrior’s Phoebe Perez and Star’s Jasmina Tkalec in an exciting finish.    

AOLG Cougars 2023 IIAAG High School Bowling League Champions..

The AOLG Cougars claimed the 2023 IIAAG High School Bowling League championship during the All-Island competition held at the Central Lanes Bowling Center in Tamuning.  The team was led by league top seed Ada who finished the three-game duel in second place with a 142 average.  Leon Guerrero was the second-highest placer for the Cougars finishing in 5th place followed by Dela Cruz in 9th and Frencin Cabuhat in 14th.  The GAA Angels finished five points behind with Heinrich, Lee, and Oh finishing in the top ten, while Tkalec tied for 11th overall.  The Eagles ended their season campaign in third place.

The All-Island competition continues on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at the Central Lanes Bowling Center with Stage 1 of the boys’ competition.

IIAAG 2023 High School Bowling Leauge Girls All Island competitors

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