Elliott sets new series benchmark for 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 – CENTRAL LANES BOWLING CENTER, Tamuning, Guam

Aaron Elliott showed his lane prowess as he set a new benchmark for the year.  Elliott bowled the feat on lanes 19 and 20 during the Budweiser Wednesday Night League at the Central Lanes Bowling Center.  In the process of setting the new high series for the year, he registered 30 of a possible 36 strikes during the evening.  His first game started with two sets of doubles and a five bagger for a 256 game.  The second game was two pins shy of a perfect game as he strung the front eleven before leaving a 4-7 on the fill frame for a 298 game.  (Watch his last shot of the second game.)  His third game of 279 included a spare in the second frame and a nine count in the fill frame for an 833 total.

His 833 series is the highest recorded three game set since 2013 and is the fifth highest registered series of the organization.  The set replaced the previous high of 779 for the year, bowled by Frank Russo.  John John Ada’s 863 bowled in 2011 is still the current record of the Guam Bowling Congress followed by Russo’s 845, Keith Guerrero 843 and Louie Dimla’s 835.

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