Camacho places 6th in U15 Fukuoka

Friday, August 10, 2018 – STARLANES, Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan

Jeremiah Camacho struggled during the opening days of the U22 Fukuoka Summer Cup qualifying event.  However as the tournament progressed Camacho was able to match up his equipment with the 45′ lane condition.  He was able to shoot his first 600 set on day three of the qualifier which gave him the confidence he needed for a run at the leader board.

A 694 three game set temporarily laced him in the 26 field cut, but as squads progressed, Camacho found himself in 27th place.  With two squads remaining to make the cut, Camacho strung eleven strikes in a row on his second game leaving a pin ten on his perfect game attempt, but placed him in the driver’s seat as he qualified in fourth place.

Camacho opened the U15 finals struggling to find a line as he bowled a 160 game.   As the match progressed, he found stability and began pounding the boards with hands of 235, 208, 243 on the televised pair,  215 and 268 which pushed him up to third place.  Unfortunately, three errors in the wading frames of the seventh game dropped him to seventh.  During the last game, he was unable to connect the strikes finishing with a clean game of 206 and ending the tournament in 6th place.





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