Langas Slips Past Pinaula for October Championship

Winners photo (October 2019)
L-R:  3rd place Edgar Nalundasan, Champion Liz Langas, Runner Up Jimmy Pinaula and 4th place Manny Torre.

The Guam Senior Bowlers Association monthly senior championship crowned a top seed winner for the second month in a row as tournament leader Liz Langas took two straight games from veteran champion Jim Pinaula to take the October title.

The opening shootout rounds began with a couple of no shows that resulted in a bye for eighth seed Edgar Nalundasan over tenth seed John Villagomez in the even number bracket. In the odd number bracket eleventh seed Zinn Aguon was a no show that gave fifth seed Virgil Toledo a bye. Twelfth seed September champ John Salas got past sixth seed Nick Gutierrez 221-185 with handicap. Ninth seed Manny Torre defeated seventh seed Alex Kloulubak 189-168.

Round two saw Nalundasan oust Salas 236-185 to advance to the next round. Torre did likewise by romping over Toledo 219-164 to head into the quarter-finals. Lucky Nalundasan drew another bye from fourth seed Fran Gatan who was a no show. Torre upset third seed Rick Ada 198-184 to make the semi-finals. Second seed Pinaula ended Nalundasan’s championship run 201-193 to go to the finals. Top seed Langas did likewise taking out Torre 207-187.

The first game was critical for Langas having to defeat multi-titlist Pinaula who is among the top senior bowlers on island. But consistent scoring got her a close but a win nonetheless with a 186-176 narrow victory. She continued by taking advantage of a couple of miscues by Pinaula to finally end it 191-157 and claim the title she had tried to win several times this year. The victory placed her in the GSBA Grand Finals in December. The next and final monthly tournament will be held Sunday, November 24 at 10 AM.

The top twelve bowlers will be announced and/or posted on the Friday prior to the tournament on Sunday. For complete information, see the tournament rules posted on the bowling counter or see Manny Tagle during the Friday Night Senior League.

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